Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I was kid, had just moved to town, I was sitting in his music room at the end of the hall. He showed me this great chord. I don’t remember what it was but it seemed like each finger had to have a mind of it’s own for this chord to come together correctly. I said “yeah, I can’t play chords like that, I hurt my hand a number of years ago…” He looked me square in the face, and with the tone and attitude that only he had, said one of the most profound things anyone has ever said to me…

“So ?”

There are moments in life that define who we are, how we look the world and become the basis for what we do next. Sometimes we realize it when an event happens, most times we get to a place of looking back and realize the impact an event has had on us. After many years I realize this one is both.

Almost every time I think of a good excuse for something I hear him…

“So ?”

“I can’t…” “So ?”

“I wouldn’t be able….” “So ?”

“There’s no way…” “So ?”

and so on and so on…

I find ways to stop myself from trying things. We all find ways to stop ourselves from trying things.

I’m pretty sure I’ve talked myself out of a lot of things I wish I hadn’t...”So ?”

Recently I've been listening to Pedestrain

If you are ever in Corpus Christi check out Agua Java. Great sandwiches

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Daily Practice

I’ve been doing my version of this in one way or another since I can remember. I’ve done a lot of that, and some of the other thing, but most if not all of my decisions have centered around this. Through the years I’ve realized that nothing is more valuable than daily practice. There are no short cuts. There is no way to be great without first being good, and the only way to being good is doing it everyday. Some days nothing can go wrong, ideas and execution come easily. Those days are few and far between. Most days I labor to add a new word to the vocabulary and at the same time try not to forget what I all ready know. It is all part of the process, learning that if today didn’t go well tomorrow might, and if it doesn’t, the day after that should.It doesn’t matter that sometimes it feels like I’m not getting anywhere, it’s not my job to judge that. It’s my job to focus on this.

Mike Auldridge is one of the greatest musicians that has ever lived, paraphrasing a quote of his "There is only one thing that separates the great players from the not so great, and then the non- players. It is simple…the thought of quitting was not an option.”

Daily Practice...

Right now I’m listening to: Luke Doucet
If you’re ever in –Lubbock- visit- La Diosa